oh, norah.

we had quite an eventful morning today before 7:30am.  michael is amazing for taking on the challenges with a super sweet attitude.

first, we let poodle norah out to go to the bathroom.  she can be incredibly energetic in the mornings and bounded inside and into my lap as soon as michael let her back in.  i immediately noticed that she smelled unusually terrible.  apparently, she had rolled in her own poop.  sick.  michael whisked her to the bathroom to give her a bath.  i decided that it was probably about time to go ahead and wash the pillow & pillowcase that is in her crate – giving her a fresh, clean start to the day… which leads me to our second event.

i was having coffee with a friend in our living room this morning and michael poked his head in (after drying norah)… he wanted to know if feathers in the washer are normal when washing a pillow.  i said yes, if it’s only a few.  he said that it looked like the water was yellow.  friends, norah’s down pillow had completely exploded in the wash!!!  thankfully we have a front-loading washer and michael saw before the feathers tried to drain and caused massive plumbing problems!!  we opened the washer and scooped all the feathers out with a strainer i got with my wok set.  gross.    i guess i will be buying norah a new pillow today.


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