wow.  december has hit!  i had such a full weekend.  here’s a recap:

friday: i had the day off… which i needed!  i did my long run for the week, since i wouldn’t have time on saturday.  let me just say, i think i went a bit far.  i had not really prepared well for the run… not eating enough before or something?  i drank tons of water all morning, so that was not my problem.  but after my run, i definitely felt a little nauseated.  i think next time i’ll try to eat something a little more substantial before a long run!  after recovering for part of the afternoon, i met some ladies from work to go to a christmas market – lots of booths selling fun christmas gifts!!!  i sampled many wonderful food items… my favorite booth was chocolate heaven… wow – those truffless… yum.  my sister came into town later that night… i love having family visit!

saturday: bekah and i got up early and drove to mckinney to see my grandmother & aunts.  it was so great to have time to connect with everyone!  especially around the holidays.  we got back from mckinney/dallas around 7:00 and spent the evening relaxing.

sunday: grocery shopping, running, catching up on things before i had to go to work at 12:45!  we skipped church today because of such a busy weekend… i needed a little down time.  the museum was hopping yesterday!  we had our free sunday of the month and had around 1,000 people come in the four hours we were open!  yikes.  after closing, i went home, made dinner, went to target, and watched the finale of amazing race!  sooo fun!

this week is a busy one too… working every day, including saturday.  grace!


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