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new year.

so, it’s the new year.  i haven’t posted in a while… really took advantage of the break for the holidays!  i have to say that this was one of the best breaks i’ve ever had.  when i was younger, i didn’t really appreciate the break for all it was worth.  as i got into high school, i worked a lot through my holiday breaks, so while it was a break from school i definitely still had a lot going on.  the time off that i had this year from christmas through new year’s was the longest break that i’ve had since i was a sophomore in high school!  wow.  some highlights were:

  • being at my mom’s in the hill country for six days!
  • staying up late every night & still getting eight hours of sleep
  • going on challenging, hilly runs on the ranch that my mom lives on
  • drinking tons of really delicious coffee
  • seeing the christmas lights in Johnson City
  • going on a walk with my hubby
  • sitting at the amazing starbucks in marble falls – it overlooks the lake!
  • cooking with my mom… Cuban black bean soup, big salads with lots of winter veggies, french toast, gumbo.
  • getting home and “spring cleaning” with michael!  our house feels fresh!
  • setting goals for the new year.  i’ve really been thinking a lot about what are achievable goals for me for 2009… i’m excited!

i don’t really remember being that inspired to think through goals last new year’s, but this year i feel up for the challenge of thinking through my priorities and setting goals accordingly.  this past weekend i set aside time to think through the things that are important to me and what action will help me grow in different areas.  some of my goals are:

  • run a 1/2 marathon (physical)
  • read one book a month (mental)
  • memorize one passage of scripture a month (spiritual)
  • carve out “personal” time for myself each week (emotional)

i’m excited about seeing what all 2009 holds!  happy new year!


family + food (cake) = weekend.

so, this weekend i went marble falls to spend time with the fam to celebrate my birthday!!!  it was soooo fun.  and relaxing.  and just great to be together.  my birthday is not actually until friday, but michael & i are going to nyc & boston for a little (ok, BIG!) birthday get-away!!  michael was in a friend’s wedding this past weekend in seattle, so it was the perfect time for me to retreat to the hill country.  here are some highlights:

  • mom’s chicken & dumplings for dinner… one of my MOST FAVORITE comfort foods!  it was divine.  i could’ve eaten 12 bowls. 🙂
  • my amazing birthday cake – specially made by my talented mother – a chocolate guinness cake… yep, it had quite a bit of guinness stout in it.  i can’t describe how good it actually was.  imagine a dense cake – almost like a brownie – richly chocolate, and then an undertone of guinness.  the frosting was a whipped cream/cream cheese… almost marshmallowy… heaven in my mouth.

    chocolate guinness cake... irresistable.

    chocolate guinness cake... irresistable.

  • talking at starbucks (which overlooks the lake… best starbucks!).

    chattin' it up at starbucks.

    starbucks by the lake!

  • delicious pumpkin spice americano… that barista knew what she was doing!
  • shopping on main in marble falls.  i particularly loved the kitchen store!!!  so inspiring.
    making a decision on where to go next.

    making a decision on where to go next.

    bekah eating a rose! just kidding.  note the gorgeous weather!

    bekah eating a rose! just kidding. note the gorgeous weather!

  • super taco!  great hole-in-the-wall mexican place.  they are generous with their portions, their corn tortillas are homemade, their salsa – whoa!  so good, and their fajita meat is super good.  i will be going back to super taco at the earliest available opportunity.
  • watching chick flicks with my mom & sister in the afternoon… being together, laughing, relaxing.
  • round 2 of soup night: more chicken & dumplings and then an improvised potato soup – my mom added a little guinness stout to it!  what an amazing addition!!!  you could taste it, but it wasn’t overwhelming.  i definitely will be trying that at home!
  • more cake.
  • opening presents!  beautiful, so-special silver bracelets from my mom, stuff (cool christmas cookie sprinkles, phenomenal dish towels, and a gigantic snowflake cookie cutter) from the kitchen store i love from boone, and a “my favorite things” package from my sister… Sun Butter!, homemade pumpkin butter, a sports bra, sweet leaf diet iced tea, 3 clifbars (pumpkin spice, iced gingerbread, & pear apple strudel), a klean kanteen sports cap, and scharffen berger chocolate.  i’m loaded.
  • celebrating with my brother when he shot a huge deer!  yeah for organic, lean, (free) venison roast!
  • going to church with my family.
  • turkey sausage at inman’s bbq – why don’t more bbq places have turkey sausage!
  • family photo shoot:
    by the creek.

    by the creek.

    on the front porch at mom's.

    on the front porch at mom

    isn't mom beautiful?!

    mom is beautiful.

it was such a good weekend.  i loved every minute.

my gem.

today i woke up 40 minutes later than i meant to.  you see, i usually get up extra early on wednesdays to have breakfast with a friend.  today i cancelled with her because i had an extra early meeting at work.  but, because of my usual schedule, i have a special alarm clock on my phone that is just for wednesdays.  and i did not think about that last night when i set my alarm… to an extra early time… on an alarm that does not go off on wednesdays.  anyway.  i woke up 30 minutes before i needed to leave the house.  rats.

my husband is a gem.  he got up with me and as i madly tried to remember how to get ready in a hurry – brush teeth, brush hair, oh yea – wash face, make up – he made coffee, made the bed, put the dog out, and by the time i was ready he had a big travel mug of coffee waiting – fixed just the way i like it – and my new water bottle filled with water. 

it reminded me again that he is such a treasure.  he does so many things for me – runs with me (probably farther and more often than he’d like), tastes all the weird foods i like to try (turnip greens on sunday!), indulges my too-often-craving for ice cream, cleans up after dinner, makes coffee every morning, mows our humongous yard, reads with me, shows me new tricks on the computer, lets me snuggle when i’m cold, plans new adventures for us to go on, comforts me when i cry, thinks i’m funny… i really love him.


 ps – this is a picture of our new water bottles… aren’t they pretty?

silver for michael and pink for me.

silver for michael and pink for me.