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new year.

so, it’s the new year.  i haven’t posted in a while… really took advantage of the break for the holidays!  i have to say that this was one of the best breaks i’ve ever had.  when i was younger, i didn’t really appreciate the break for all it was worth.  as i got into high school, i worked a lot through my holiday breaks, so while it was a break from school i definitely still had a lot going on.  the time off that i had this year from christmas through new year’s was the longest break that i’ve had since i was a sophomore in high school!  wow.  some highlights were:

  • being at my mom’s in the hill country for six days!
  • staying up late every night & still getting eight hours of sleep
  • going on challenging, hilly runs on the ranch that my mom lives on
  • drinking tons of really delicious coffee
  • seeing the christmas lights in Johnson City
  • going on a walk with my hubby
  • sitting at the amazing starbucks in marble falls – it overlooks the lake!
  • cooking with my mom… Cuban black bean soup, big salads with lots of winter veggies, french toast, gumbo.
  • getting home and “spring cleaning” with michael!  our house feels fresh!
  • setting goals for the new year.  i’ve really been thinking a lot about what are achievable goals for me for 2009… i’m excited!

i don’t really remember being that inspired to think through goals last new year’s, but this year i feel up for the challenge of thinking through my priorities and setting goals accordingly.  this past weekend i set aside time to think through the things that are important to me and what action will help me grow in different areas.  some of my goals are:

  • run a 1/2 marathon (physical)
  • read one book a month (mental)
  • memorize one passage of scripture a month (spiritual)
  • carve out “personal” time for myself each week (emotional)

i’m excited about seeing what all 2009 holds!  happy new year!



michael & went to the gym early this morning.  it was actually nice enough outside, but we wanted to do different things, so we decided to go to the gym and each go at our own pace & do our own thing.  it was such a hard run!!!  the gym was too warm and too humid!  you would think that an established, nationwide gym like gold’s would have it down to a science as to how to keep the humidity level perfect… or at least bearable!  i was completely drenched by the time that i left.  horrible.  does any one else have this same experience at your gym?  i actually think that a lot of people think that if you sweat more you’re working harder.  i prefer perfect climate and working as hard as i can on my own.

a half?

i’m thinking of trying to run a half marathon soon… like maybe in february.  originally i just started training to run the capitol 10k in austin.  and i’m already registered to run that race on march 29th!  but lately i’ve been thinking that i might like to challenge a half marathon sooner than later.  thoughts?  

my hubby found a website tonight that i think is going to be a new fave.  a feature that i love is that you can search for recipes by the chef!  i loooove nigella lawson and am really hoping to own her cookbook nigella express soon.  

we’ve had a pretty relaxing day today… helped with the 3-yr-old sunday school class at church for the 8:30 service, attended the 10:15 service, and then came home for some leftovers.  my sister bekah was still in town, so we enjoyed hanging out for a bit before she drove back to austin.  she gave me a tea bag of bigelowe’s eggnogg’n tea and i’m in love with it!  soooo sad that i haven’t been able to find it in waco.  i do have the pumpkin spice tea, but there’s just something about that eggnogg’n…

we’re getting ready to watch the 24 movie!  can’t wait!  it’s been a long two years since the last season of 24.

where to begin?

our trip to nyc/boston was awesome!!!  i truly am blessed with the sweetest husband on earth.  seriously. he planned this trip for my birthday weekend and it definitely was a memorable weekend!  there’s too much to say about our trip, so i’m going to recap the highlights.


  • our hotel was 2 blocks off of times square.  a-mazing.  one of my favorite features of the hotel was coffee, hot chocolate, & hot tea available in the lobby 24 hours a day.  yes!
  • levain bakery – THE BEST CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE IN NYC… which may mean, the best chocolate chip cookie in the world!
  • walking through central park.  i’m in love with central park.
  • going to the Museum of Modern Art.  so many famous paintings… super cool museum… special van gogh exhibit… all for free because i work at a museum.  how awesome!
  • going to rockefeller center and seeing the ice rink and the tree being assemble – there were guards surrounding the tree… pretty cool.
  • mike’s pastries in boston… the best cannoli in the north end!
  • wandering around harvard.
  • having a whole foods connected to our hotel!
  • going to flour bakery in boston and eating the most phenomenal sticky bun. ever.



going to flour bakery in boston.

going to flour bakery in boston.


today i went on the best run ever!  i couldn’t believe it.  all week i’ve been struggling to even go four miles, but my goal for my long run today was eight miles.  i’ve been intimidated at the thought of running eight miles.  and scared that i really was just going to hit a wall.  all day yesterday i focused on drinking tons of water.  this morning i woke up early and went to the gym, equipped with seven gummi bears and a big bottle of water.  i don’t know if it was the temperature of the room or the fact that i covered up my mileage/time with my towel or that i was not thirsty, but the time flew by and i was energetic the whole time!  i loved it.  i’m reminded again why i love running.

new york, here we come!

tonight we’re driving to dallas to spend the night with friends so that we don’t have to wake up too early to catch our 6:30am flight to New York City tomorrow!  i’m SOOOO excited about this trip!  a) it’s to celebrate my 27th birthday – and i love my birthday! and b) it’s going to be so fun to be on vacation with my hubby!  i haven’t been to nyc before, so i’m anticipating many new experiences, sights, and tastes.  on saturday we’ll be taking the train to boston and will be there for a couple of days.  i’ve been to boston before and can’t wait to show michael some of my favorite spots!

one thing that i’m really looking forward to is getting to go running in central park!  i’m planning on running once in nyc & once in boston… mainly just for the experience.   my dad gave me my birthday present last night – a new ipod nano to replace my old ipod mini!  look at the difference in size!ipod2ipod1

i used it this morning for my run and it was amazing. 😉

get ready for great pictures from my trip when i get back!


is fall just a hard season to be motivated to post very often?  i’m not sure, but for whatever reason, i have not been posting very often lately.  this is going to be a catch-up, bullet-point post. 🙂

  • michael was in san jose, ca last week… it was a busy week for me, but i really missed him!  i was thrilled to be able to pick him up at the airport late thursday night!
  • friday we went to the container store (my favorite place!!) and i bought a lunch box!!!!! i wish i could tell you how excited i was to have a new lunch box, as lame as that is!  i take my lunch to work about 4 days out of the week and i have just been using either a plastic bag or trying to juggle it without a bag.  it was so fun to pack my lunch today in my new orange lunch box!
  • while we were at the container store, i also saw a market tote that i loved.  it’s similar to one of those plastic handheld carriers you use at the grocery, only it’s canvas.  it was $39.99 – too much for me to justify – but it was awesome!  on saturday, michael and i were at marshall’s and i found the exact same one – only in my favorite color, red! – for $9.99.  i’m now the proud owner of a market tote.  i can’t wait to use it!
  • exciting news!  on sunday michael and i participated in scott & white’s miracle match 5K event.  we both got 3rd place in our divisions!!!  we were shocked, but thrilled.  my finishing time was 27:11.
  • on sunday i helped give a birthday party for my friend, lauren.  i made a chocolate bundt cake recipe that really was delicious and so easy!  here’s the link:
  • last night i made some super yummy honey lime chicken enchiladas to go along with a big spinach salad!  it was a nice change from the enchiladas that i usually make.  the recipe is below.

honey lime chicken enchiladas

  • juice of 1 lime
  • 6 T. honey
  • 1 T. chili powder
  • 2 tsp. cumin
  • 1/2 tsp. garlic powder
  • 1 lb. chicken, cooked & shredded
  • 10 corn tortillas
  • 1-1/2 c. shredded cheese
  • 16 oz. can of green enchilada sauce
  • 1/2 c. half-and-half

stir together lime juice, honey, chili powder, cumin, & garlic powder.  add chicken and marinate in the fridge for at least 30 minutes.

preheat oven to 350 degrees.  spread 1/3 c. enchilada sauce in the bottom of a 9×13 pan.  warm up corn tortillas either in the microwave or on the stove in a skillet.  fill each tortilla with about 1/4 c. chicken mixture & a generous sprinkle of cheese.  roll tightly & place in pan with seam down.  when all tortillas are in the pan, mix together the remaining enchilada sauce & the half-and-half.  pour evenly over enchiladas.  spread remaining cheese on top & bake for 30 minutes.


yesterday i did something that i have not done in several months.  i went back to my body-flow class at gold’s.  what is body-flow?  it’s an hour long class of yoga/tai chi/pilates.  i love it.  i stopped going around may because it was getting pretty hot and i didn’t like being in a stuffy warm room.  i decided to go back again last night because there’s just enough of a hint of fall in the air.  i loved it. 

the majority of the class is spent stretching and increasing flexibility.  i discovered that my body is pretty tight!  we also did some core strengthening.  every motion in that class is very thoughtful and intentional.  i actually think that it will help me with running!  it almost feels like a therapy session. 🙂

one of my favorite parts of the class is the last 10 minutes.  the instructor dims the lights until the room is almost completely dark and turns on lullingly pleasant music.  we lay there for 10 minutes, relaxing and releasing any muscle tension.  it’s a beautiful 10 minutes that really doesn’t happen any other time during the week.

i will definitely be going back.