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new year.

so, it’s the new year.  i haven’t posted in a while… really took advantage of the break for the holidays!  i have to say that this was one of the best breaks i’ve ever had.  when i was younger, i didn’t really appreciate the break for all it was worth.  as i got into high school, i worked a lot through my holiday breaks, so while it was a break from school i definitely still had a lot going on.  the time off that i had this year from christmas through new year’s was the longest break that i’ve had since i was a sophomore in high school!  wow.  some highlights were:

  • being at my mom’s in the hill country for six days!
  • staying up late every night & still getting eight hours of sleep
  • going on challenging, hilly runs on the ranch that my mom lives on
  • drinking tons of really delicious coffee
  • seeing the christmas lights in Johnson City
  • going on a walk with my hubby
  • sitting at the amazing starbucks in marble falls – it overlooks the lake!
  • cooking with my mom… Cuban black bean soup, big salads with lots of winter veggies, french toast, gumbo.
  • getting home and “spring cleaning” with michael!  our house feels fresh!
  • setting goals for the new year.  i’ve really been thinking a lot about what are achievable goals for me for 2009… i’m excited!

i don’t really remember being that inspired to think through goals last new year’s, but this year i feel up for the challenge of thinking through my priorities and setting goals accordingly.  this past weekend i set aside time to think through the things that are important to me and what action will help me grow in different areas.  some of my goals are:

  • run a 1/2 marathon (physical)
  • read one book a month (mental)
  • memorize one passage of scripture a month (spiritual)
  • carve out “personal” time for myself each week (emotional)

i’m excited about seeing what all 2009 holds!  happy new year!


where to begin?

our trip to nyc/boston was awesome!!!  i truly am blessed with the sweetest husband on earth.  seriously. he planned this trip for my birthday weekend and it definitely was a memorable weekend!  there’s too much to say about our trip, so i’m going to recap the highlights.


  • our hotel was 2 blocks off of times square.  a-mazing.  one of my favorite features of the hotel was coffee, hot chocolate, & hot tea available in the lobby 24 hours a day.  yes!
  • levain bakery – THE BEST CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE IN NYC… which may mean, the best chocolate chip cookie in the world!
  • walking through central park.  i’m in love with central park.
  • going to the Museum of Modern Art.  so many famous paintings… super cool museum… special van gogh exhibit… all for free because i work at a museum.  how awesome!
  • going to rockefeller center and seeing the ice rink and the tree being assemble – there were guards surrounding the tree… pretty cool.
  • mike’s pastries in boston… the best cannoli in the north end!
  • wandering around harvard.
  • having a whole foods connected to our hotel!
  • going to flour bakery in boston and eating the most phenomenal sticky bun. ever.



going to flour bakery in boston.

going to flour bakery in boston.


today i went on the best run ever!  i couldn’t believe it.  all week i’ve been struggling to even go four miles, but my goal for my long run today was eight miles.  i’ve been intimidated at the thought of running eight miles.  and scared that i really was just going to hit a wall.  all day yesterday i focused on drinking tons of water.  this morning i woke up early and went to the gym, equipped with seven gummi bears and a big bottle of water.  i don’t know if it was the temperature of the room or the fact that i covered up my mileage/time with my towel or that i was not thirsty, but the time flew by and i was energetic the whole time!  i loved it.  i’m reminded again why i love running.