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wow.  december has hit!  i had such a full weekend.  here’s a recap:

friday: i had the day off… which i needed!  i did my long run for the week, since i wouldn’t have time on saturday.  let me just say, i think i went a bit far.  i had not really prepared well for the run… not eating enough before or something?  i drank tons of water all morning, so that was not my problem.  but after my run, i definitely felt a little nauseated.  i think next time i’ll try to eat something a little more substantial before a long run!  after recovering for part of the afternoon, i met some ladies from work to go to a christmas market – lots of booths selling fun christmas gifts!!!  i sampled many wonderful food items… my favorite booth was chocolate heaven… wow – those truffless… yum.  my sister came into town later that night… i love having family visit!

saturday: bekah and i got up early and drove to mckinney to see my grandmother & aunts.  it was so great to have time to connect with everyone!  especially around the holidays.  we got back from mckinney/dallas around 7:00 and spent the evening relaxing.

sunday: grocery shopping, running, catching up on things before i had to go to work at 12:45!  we skipped church today because of such a busy weekend… i needed a little down time.  the museum was hopping yesterday!  we had our free sunday of the month and had around 1,000 people come in the four hours we were open!  yikes.  after closing, i went home, made dinner, went to target, and watched the finale of amazing race!  sooo fun!

this week is a busy one too… working every day, including saturday.  grace!


oh, norah.

we had quite an eventful morning today before 7:30am.  michael is amazing for taking on the challenges with a super sweet attitude.

first, we let poodle norah out to go to the bathroom.  she can be incredibly energetic in the mornings and bounded inside and into my lap as soon as michael let her back in.  i immediately noticed that she smelled unusually terrible.  apparently, she had rolled in her own poop.  sick.  michael whisked her to the bathroom to give her a bath.  i decided that it was probably about time to go ahead and wash the pillow & pillowcase that is in her crate – giving her a fresh, clean start to the day… which leads me to our second event.

i was having coffee with a friend in our living room this morning and michael poked his head in (after drying norah)… he wanted to know if feathers in the washer are normal when washing a pillow.  i said yes, if it’s only a few.  he said that it looked like the water was yellow.  friends, norah’s down pillow had completely exploded in the wash!!!  thankfully we have a front-loading washer and michael saw before the feathers tried to drain and caused massive plumbing problems!!  we opened the washer and scooped all the feathers out with a strainer i got with my wok set.  gross.    i guess i will be buying norah a new pillow today.


i read this quote today and was impacted by it in light of so many of the issues we are facing in our culture today.

We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion.  Avarice, ambition, revenge, or gallantry, would break our strongest cords of our Constitution as a whale goes through a net.  Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people.  It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.

– John Adams, 2nd President of the United States

bison… a new love.

last night we had such an unexpectedly great dinner!  after i got off work i came home and prepped some bison hamburger patties.  i just chopped some purple onion, a couple of garlic cloves, and added in some worcestershire sauce & some steak season.  i combined it with the bison, formed patties, & stuck them in the fridge.  then i cubed 2 small new potatoes & seasoned them with a bit of olive oil & herbes de provence.  i put those in the fridge too and headed to the gym for a quick 2-mile run & my favorite class of the week – BodyFlow (mixture of yoga, pilates, and tai chi).  when i got home, the potatoes were almost through roasting because sweet michael had put them in the oven about 30 minutes before i got home!  i grilled the patties on our grill pan, and then made a quick salad of spinach, mixed greens, sauteed shiitake mushrooms, and toasted cranberry trail mix.  yum!!!  this dinner was SO GOOD… and it did not feel heavy at all.  to me, that is the notable difference between beef & bison – the bison didn’t have that sit-in-the-bottom-of-your-stomach feel at all!  love it.  try some!


“Sometimes you have to watch somebody love something before you can love it yourself. It as if they are showing you the way.”

–Donald Miller


lately i’ve been thinking about adding a recommendations page to this blog.  i come across different things that i’d love to recommend to others and that i would love to remember for the future for myself!  here are a few:

1.  klean kanteens.  i’ve had nalgene bottles for years, and have lately discovered through research that has come out, i’ve probably been drinking in harmful chemicals.  great.  just great.  what do you do?  i don’t want to start drinking out of single-use plastic bottles.  and i’ve heard that even the new nalgene’s/camelbak’s are not entirely approved of.  then i heard abut klean kanteens.  they’re made out of stainless steel and are completely safe!  they will not alter the tase of your water, so the website says, even if you leave it on your desk for weeks.  wow.  i’m hoping to purchase mine this weekend in austin, but you can also find them through their website:

2.  pumpkin spice americanos.  i know i’ve already said it, but they’re really so good i want to say it again.  try a pumpkin spice americano – and add in some 1/2 & 1/2 to make it creamy. 🙂

3.  press ‘n’ seal.  you know, the stuff that came out a few years ago that is similar to plastic wrap, but it actually seals against whatever surface you press it (hence the name, press ‘n’ seal).  i bought some about a year ago and honestly did not love it… i found that it left a residue on dishes that i “pressed” it on.  but then, the other day i wrapped it securely around an avocado i’d sliced… and the avocado didn’t turn brown.  i was impressed!  it’s also good for sandwiches.

4. pillsbury “chocolate extreme” brownie mix.  this. is. a winner. period.  we love brownies at our house.  way too much.  michael can eat them any time.  and so can i.  they are one of my very, very, very biggest weaknesses!  i have no power to resist!  i have been purchasing duncan hines chewy fudge mix for years.  i love it.  i add a few chocolate chips to the mix and they’re great!  but then i bought the pillsbury chocolate extreme mix.  it’s amazing.  it has chunks of chips in it.  you squeeze a fudge packet into the batter.  in a word, this is bliss.  try it.   it’s in a blue box.  oh, also… to lighten it a little, i only used an egg white instead of the whole egg.  it worked.

4.  kashi go-lean cereal.  i eat this about 6 out of 7 mornings of the week.  it has protein in it, it will not get soggy no matter how long it sits, and it tastes great!  i really enjoy mine with vanilla soy milke, even though i’m not a huge soy milk fan.

okay.  there’s four.  anyone else have recommendations of things that work for you?

my precious.

those of you who know me know that i love coffee.  i’m actually passionate about coffee.  i have it every single morning, less out of the boost it gives my morning and more because i love the comfort of holding a warm cup in my hands.  i love the rhthym of getting up in the morning and knowing that my day will quietly be started sipping coffee.  i love the taste of coffee and love the feeling that being a coffee fan makes me part of a bigger group of coffee lovers.  i guess that’s what gives so many coffee shops that sense of camaraderie. 

the only time of year that it’s a little harder for me to enjoy coffee is in the dog-days of summer.  you know, the days where it’s so hot that ice cream and popsicles are the only foods that are appealing.  that is when i begin to wish for fall.  and with the wishing for fall, the longing for pumpkin spice.

pumpkin spice is my all-time, absolute favorite, most yummy coffee drink ever.  i’m usually a tried & true coffee-with-some-half-and-half-and-maybe-a-raw-sugar girl.  but come fall (or at least what starbucks deems as fall) and i will bend over backwards to have pumpkin spice as often as possible.   and the way that i really enjoy it most is in an americano.  pumpkin spice americanos (with half & half added) are a dreamy drink.  today, pumpkin spice is back.  today is the first day of autumn in the starbucks world. 

my precious.

my precious.