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good things.

i’ve had three great tastes in the last 18 hours… i must share.

1.  kashi roasted vegetable pizza.  hubby & i decided that take-out would be the easiest thing for dinner last night and we decided we were more in the mood for pizza than anything.  usually we get a california pizza kitchen frozen pizza (love their white pizza & the bbq chicken pizza), althought we also really love the amy’s organics spinach frozen pizza.  we branched out last night to try the kashi pizza and it was a winner!  the whole wheat crust was almost buttery.  i added some extra cremini mushrooms, purple onion, green olives, feta, & italian seasoning to the top… but i think the roasted veggies it came with would have been good on their own.  we really enjoyed it!

2. marathon bread from h.e.b.’s bakery.  i’d recently heard that bread from grocery store bakeries is way less processed.  i decided to check out h.e.b.’s bakery last night and found this marathon bread in a 1/2 loaf.  the slices are small, but they are delicious!  some of the ingredients are: sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, whole wheat, honey, molasses, carrot, apple, soy, etc.  try it out!

3.  mocha.  this morning i added a heaping spoonful of dark hot chocolate mix to my coffee.  then i splashed in some 1/2-and-1/2.  i expected it to be good, but when i tasted it, i was amazed at how yummy it was!!! instantly made my early friday morning wonderful.